Since the foundation in 2000, Furukawa Eosu has been serving our customers as a provider of power receiving/distributing and controlling equipment.

I myself have been engaged in sales of power receiving/distributing and controlling equipment since I was 22 years old, and my motto is to respond to customers’ needs as quickly as possible by utilizing the accumulated experience and know-how.

We keep an abundance of stock available so that we are able to handle our customers’ large-scale, urgent orders, orders of products which are not available elsewhere, or requests at short notice by offering the required products, in the required quantity, and in a timely manner. We deliver the products wherever required.

We, at Furukawa Eosu, will continue to strive to deal with customers’ needs flexibly and offer better-quality services to achieve “customer satisfaction”, which keeps changing with the time.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support and patronage.

Katsutaro Suemitsu

Our products are listed below.

Sequencers, Indicators, AC servo motors, UPS devices

Motors, inverters, Molded case circuit breakers (no fuse breakers), Earth leakage breakers, Electromagnetic switches、Geared motors, Industrial fans, Transformers, Phase advancing capacitors, High-voltage circuit breakers, Pole air switches, Protective relays, Power fuses, Instrument transformer, Power receiving/distributing equipment, Energy efficiency monitoring system, Electricity meter, Electric indicators, Measuring instruments

Separators, Aluminum rails, One-touch tube fittings, Spiral tubes

Company name Furukawa Eosu Co., Ltd
Address Headquarters: 1-1-26, Shoken, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 464-0084
TEL: +81-52-721-8131/FAX: +81-52-721-8132
Representative Katsutaro Suemitsu, President
Established April, 2000
Paid-in Capital 10 million yen
Number of Employees 16
Business areas Sales of electric facilities and any other accompanying services, design, manufacturing and sales of incoming and control panels and switchboard
Membership Japan Switchboard & control system Industries Association
Suppliers Chubu Mitsubishi Electric Sales Corporation, Iida seisakusho Co., Ltd., Ikai Co., Ltd., Kako Denki Seisakusho Co., Ltd., Nakamura Electric MFG. Co., Ltd., Sugawara Electric Co., Ltd., etc.
Clients IDEX Co., Ltd., Ogaki Electric MFG Co.,Ltd., Kyowadenki Industry Co.,Ltd., Sangikyo Corporation, Shiratsuki Kogyo Co., Ltd., Techno Ryowa Ltd., Toho Technology Corporation, Toenec Corporation, etc.

*Both suppliers and clients are listed in alphabetical order.